what is art if not making community?

        I’mstrong  aims to build a community of friends and artists who are passionate about our mission.         Selected artists will have the opportunity to participate in a one-day multimedia and multi-people exhibition in New York in the spring of 2024. Neurology digs deeper in the complexities ofthe nervous system, art offers a creative manifestation by expressing a unique perceptions, providing a window to the human mind. It helps to demystify a complex condition like MS.         By engaging viewers in a collaborative experience, the exhibition hopes to provide the tools to put a stop to misconceptions related to MS and to create a cohesive group that stands proudly on what is called “the margin” (in the words of bell hooks “Choosing the margin as a space of radicalopenness”).        The event will be an opportunity to experience different forms of artistic expression thus creating a space for knowledge.         Through science, art, and culture, the event will be dedicated to people living with MS and their communities. It will encourage them to familiarize themselves to what MS means for individuals and society.         Located in a contemporary art space in New York, the exhibition will host lectures by artists and experts, debates, workshops, artworks, and performances creating a supportive and inclusive community without preconseptions.         We will publish a pamphlet/zine in which will intervene art professionals, scientists, physiologists, art critics, experts and friends who will promote the understanding of MS and the connection between art and science.

What we offer

An heterogeneous community

Join a community of artists with diverse backgrounds and approaches, building a network of friends and colleagues.
Exhibition in NYC

Showcase your art in a contemporary space in New York. Collaborate with like-minded individuals who share your passion for making a difference.

Installation Support

Get assistance from an installation team on-site.

Join us and
Supporting a cause

The artworks exhibited will be donated to  I’mstrong  to raise funds for developing a comprehensive network of health services for people with MS. We welcome all forms of media and artwork that can fit into the project idea.

Deadline for submissions

July 31th 2024

Application process

Please send to

- CV
- Motivation letter
- PDF portfolio
(MAX 15 GB) or  10 JPG of your work (MAX 1 GB EACH)

and Next Steps

We will inform you of the results within September 10th 2024. We look forward to meeting you in New York. The second phase will involve collaborative work with the entire team.

Meet Our Team

Fabio Capuano

David Burlacu

Graphic Designer

Join us in making a difference through art and building a supportive community.

Together, I’mstrong

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